Medicare Supplement Rates

Weighing in the differences between the rates of multiple companies for the best Medicare Policy for you can be quite frustrating and confusing. Note that all Medicare Supplement Plans (also called Medigap Plans) have the same exact benefits no matter the company you choose. The best way to save money and get the plan that is appropriate for yourself would be finding the one that offers the lowest rate.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) designed all the plans offered by Medigap policy private company providers. The federal government itself requires them to offer the same exact benefits based on each plan’s specifications. This means that Plan A from Company ABC offers the same coverage and specifications as Plan A from Company XYZ except for the cost of their premiums.

There is no reason to spend large amounts of money on a policy that offers a duplicate of the benefits found in the other company with lower-priced premiums. The other thing to take note of would be where to purchase your plan from. Would it be a local agent, directly through the insurance company, or from an insurance broker like us? All will give you the same price based on the company you want to purchase the policy from. When you choose an insurance broker like us you will have multiple companies to choose from. You can shop through a lot of companies in your state and be able to weigh in the differences in costs among these companies.

If you do choose to browse around for multiple companies, you can get your quotations here on our website. There is no charge to use our services. We will also provide you with the best customer service and assistance. We guarantee that we are not biased on whichever company you may choose or consider. We are always available to talk with. Just call our toll-free hotline at (855) 230-0801 to speak with a specialist.