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All Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap Plans) from different companies have the same exact benefits but differ only in how much they charge for it. If you plan to get your money’s worth from your coverage, it is important to examine multiple Medicare Supplement Insurance Quotes for the purpose of obtaining the best-suited policy for yourself. Shopping for the rates of numerous companies allows you to scrutinize each plan and secure one that is right for your needs.

Talking to an agent who only works for a single company hinders you from obtaining the best policy and price since you wouldn’t be able to compare and contrast a lot of possible options. In short, you’ll be only given a single quotation for each possible policy leaving you with no other alternatives to choose from.

Insurance Brokers and Insurance agents both sell insurance. The main difference between an insurance broker and agent is that an insurance agent typically works for one insurance company and thus can only sell insurance policies of this specific company. That severely limits the consumer’s options to compare different products.

Insurance broker, on the contrary, does not work for a single insurance company. Rather, they have a distributor relationship with multiple insurance companies. This allows an insurance broker to compare several policies available on the market and find one that’s best for you. A consumer should clarify upfront when engaging with an insurance broker to find an insurance policy with how many companies the insurance broker works for in order to know the number of options available for you.

Directly working with the insurance company will also be another option. Though, similar to working with an insurance agent, you will not have multiple available options to choose from. Likewise, they wouldn’t likely not recommend another company for you to consider as another option.

Choosing to engage with an independent insurance broker like us that particularizes in Medicare Supplement Insurance allows you have the best and unbiased service. This ensures our clients’ success in choosing their appropriate policy. In addition, we provide freebies and special benefits to our clients that you wouldn’t obtain from others. They would be specifically and solely for yourself. What’s more, is that we will be providing you with annual policy reviews and Medigap quotes in such a manner that if we find a company with a lower rate, we can assist you to change over to them.

When it comes to our clients, we guarantee you the best customer service experience. We work on your behalf and help you search for the best policy.

If you prefer getting your Medicare Supplemental Insurance Quotes now, you may do so directly on our website by filling out our instant quotes form. You may also contact one of our expert Medicare Advisors at (855) 230-0801. They will educate you on your coverage options, and provide you with multiple comparison Medigap insurance quotes for free!