Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan

What is Medicare Supplement Plan?

Medicare Supplement Plan also known as Medigap Plan was designed to supplement or fill in the “gaps” left by the traditional Medicare (Medicare Plan A & Plan B). Medigap policies are sold by private insurance companies but are designed by Medicare itself.

Medicare only covers a portion of your healthcare expenses. It requires beneficiaries to pay a deductible first before their coverage kicks in and that deductible is increasing every year. Furthermore, Medicare typically only pays 80% for most Medicare Part B (medical) expenses. Thus, having a supplementary coverage will cover what’s left of the expenses you might incur.

here are currently 10 Medigap policies available, designed in a letter system, ranging from Plan A to Plan N. Each Medicare Supplement Insurance Coverage will differ only by coverage depending on which one you choose, though their structure is pretty much similar.

The most popular options chosen by those purchasing Medigap are Plan F and Plan G. These two are the most comprehensive among the 10 policies, meaning they typically cover a lot more than others, but they’re all also the most expensive with Plan F more so than the other.

Medicare Supplement Plan F covers 100% of the gaps left by Medicare. This includes coverage for both the Medicare Part A & B deductibles, as well as skilled nursing facility and blood services. Medicare Supplement Plan F will not cover prescription medications, or vision/dental care. This can be obtained for a relatively small cost as a separate policy such as Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug) Plan. You can call 1-800-MEDICARE to learn more about Medicare Part D drug plans.

Those looking to compare Medigap coverage must remember that all coverage and benefits existing among the types of plans between companies are designed by Medicare itself to be the same. The only notable difference among them would be the price offered by the different companies. Thus, it is quite ideal to search for the one with the lowest price since you wouldn’t get a better coverage even if you paid more for the same plan in another company as opposed to the other. Don’t let the higher price fool you into thinking that the company is offering certain benefits for your plan that the other companies don’t.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans is a way to cover the remaining costs left by your original Medicare. This means you will have virtually no out-of-pocket expenses especially if you get Medigap Plan F.

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