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Choosing your Medicare Supplement Insurance Provider

Medicare Supplement Insurance, likewise known as Medigap, currently has 10 policies available. They are designed in a letter plan system, ranging from Plan A to Plan N. These plans are standardized by Medicare itself thus all plans with the same letter offer the same coverage and benefits from one company to another in most states. Private insurance companies decide on the cost of the premiums so it’s better to look for the one with the lower cost for the same lettered policy.

Your Medicare Supplement Insurance plan policy may cover a few or all of the following depending on the policy coverage you chose: your Part A coinsurance and hospital costs and up to an additional 365 days once your Medicare benefits are used up; your Part B coinsurance; the first 3 pints of blood you use for a medical procedure; your Part A deductible; your Part B deductible; the Part B excess charge; an emergency care during foreign travel at 80% and up to your plan limits.

Since all plans with the same letter offer the same coverage and benefits from one company to another and their difference lies only on their monthly premium costs, it is quite reasonable to choose the one offering the lowest price. If two insurance companies offering the same lettered plan has only a few dollars difference in their premiums, which would you likely more to choose? You must also consider the insurance company you would likely purchase the insurance policy from.

Features To Consider When Selecting A Medicare Supplement Insurance Provider or Company

Plan Availability

Not all companies sell every plan and not every company sell Medicare Supplement in every state. You need to check what plans are available and what companies are offering those plans in your state. The more choices you have to sort through the better chances you will have to pick one that suits you best.


Out-of-pocket maximums, co-pays, coinsurance, and deductibles are the same in all insurance companies. The monthly premium cost however greatly varies by company. Since Medicare Supplement Insurance are offered by private companies they are allowed to set their own plan premiums.

Customer Service

Regardless of whichever company you select, your coverage will be exactly the same for your chosen Medicare Supplement Insurance policy. In selecting the insurance company that you want, it is also best to consider the customer service you will get from it. Look for one that has a helpful customer service and really caters to your needs.


If you are faced with similarly priced plans, a company’s reputation can be an important factor to consider. Find one that is reliable, responsible, well-established, has financial stability, and with good recommendations. You can read online reviews or even ask friends and family to determine beneficiaries’ experiences with a company.

Extra Features

There are companies that offer additional benefits or features for their clients. Just keep in mind that these are not a real part of the insurance policy they provide you with and can be easily removed or excluded from your benefit.

Best Time To Purchase A Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy

During the Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Open Enrollment Period which begins on the first day of the month in which you turn 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B is the best time to purchase a Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy. Signing up for a Medigap policy during this

Signing up for a Medigap policy during this period allows you to receive Guaranteed Issue rights which are also known as Medigap protections. Insurance companies can’t deny you coverage and must sell you a policy, cover all of your pre-existing health conditions, and can’t charge you more on your monthly premiums due to your health condition.

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