Age Requirements: Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Insurance

There isn’t a literal age requirement for a Medicare Supplement Insurance policy. Many would think that it would be 65 years but that would only be the age of eligibility for original Medicare unless you have a disability.

You can actually apply for a Medicare Supplement Insurance, also known as Medigap, at any age as long as you already have original Medicare Part A and Part B. That would be at the age of at least 65 or so. If you have a disability, you can actually apply to have a Medigap policy coverage even if you are under the age of 65, as long as you have both original Medicare Part A and Part B, but that would be subject to several conditions and situations. Your eligibility and options for this will also depend on your location or state since the federal law doesn’t require states to offer Medigap coverage to beneficiaries under 65 but some states do offer certain Medigap policies.

During your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period which starts the month you are 65 and enrolled in Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) is the best time to get yourself a Medigap policy. During this time you can be granted a guaranteed issue coverage which means no company will turn you down since there will be no medical underwriting meaning you can get a policy even if you have previous or current health issues.

Outside of the Open Enrollment Period, it is up to the company’s discretion if they would approve your application or if they would charge you a higher cost for your monthly premiums if you have a health condition.

Medicare Supplement policies are offered by private insurance companies but are standardized by the federal government to contain the same coverage depending on the policy. Each plan is structured the same way so if you are comparing Plan G from Company XYZ and another Plan G from Company ABC they are required to have the same benefits and coverage. Their only difference would be the monthly premiums that the company would charge you so it is better to choose the one with the lowest price.

It is quite ideal to search for the plan with the lowest price amongst the list since you wouldn’t get a better coverage even if you paid more for the same plan in another company as opposed to the other. that’s just wasting your money. Don’t let the higher price fool you into thinking that the company is offering certain benefits for your plan that the other companies don’t.

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